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How it all started.

In 2019, Amelia was encouraged to write her own novel by authors for who she was an alpha for. Never Ever was her first baby. The rest, as they say, is history.

Never Ever

Suffocated, plagued by nightmares, grieving. This is what my life in the city has been like.

When the death of my adoptive mum brings me to the seaside town of Scarborough, I feel like I can finally breathe.

Every time I stare out at the ocean waves, it feels like they're calling to me. I feel a longing I can't fully explain. When three very different men come into my life, I find a completion I hadn't expected. But not everything is as it seems. Just when I find out gods really exist, I learn that is the least of my problems.

My name is Everly Davis, and my world is about to be turned upside down.

⚠️ This book is a Reverse Harem novel. It is intended for 18+ only ⚠️ British slang. Hilarity. Sexual scenes. M/M action. Insta love/consort fated bonding.⚠️ Warning. Triggers. This book contains mentions of both rape and domestic violence. Neither are part of the storyline but are part of the MC's past. Reader discretion is advised ⚠️ this book is part 1 of a 3 book series, it ends on a cliffy. Book 2 is available on 29th February. Book 3 releasing on 29th March 2020 ⚠️

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Four Ever

"Five of us stand between a vengeful God, his monsters and end of the world."

As Queen of the seas, the fate of the world now rests upon my shoulders. My powers are raw and untapped, I must learn to harness them quickly before my father kills me and everything I love.

With just four weeks before Poseidon plans to wipe out all of humankind, my men and I must work together to formulate a plan to destroy him, adding one more problem to the mix could make or break us.

As a Selkie army moves closer and closer and other outside forces threaten to destroy all that I hold dear, can we survive long enough to put that plan into action?

Should we fail, it would mean the end.

⚠️ This is a reverse harem novel suitable for over 18's ONLY. Rape and domestic violence are mentioned in this book. Sexually explicit scenes. Heavy M/M scenes. I would love for you to read this book, but please be aware of these advisements. Mental health is extremely important. ⚠️

Ever lasting

My world is turned upside down, then spun 360, I hold on by my fingertips as armies of monsters are sent after me.

Creatures, who belong in nightmares, hunt us down and try to kill us. But we fight back, and I discover I'm not who, or what, I thought I was. It turns out, I'm not just plain old Ever. No, I'm so much more. Will my men and I be able to save ourselves and the world? With insurmountable odds stacked against us, it seems unlikely

.Poseidon uses every available resource at his disposal to thwart our efforts of living a normal, happy life together.

Can we turn the tide, and win this war?

Or will I lose everything I hold dear to me as forces more powerful than me come at us time and time again?

I will reveal all in my tell-all story. The Everly Davis chronicles, the complete set. Warnings These books come with the following warnings

⚠️ Domestic, both physical and mental, are mentioned in these books. They are not the storyline but are the FMC's past. Scenes of a sexual nature. These books are intended for over 18's ONLY. Fighting & horror scenes. These books are INSTA LOVE. The FMC is fated to be with her men. They fall in love fast. They are her consorts there is a lot of sex. These books contain med-heavy male on male action. Mental health is very important, please keep these warnings in mind before reading these books. While I would love for you to read them, I also want you to be aware there are things in them that may be triggering.


"To rid this world of evil, I must first Blaze."

History tells of a time long ago when small town scientist Dr Isaacs discovered the cure for cancer.
Great right?
And it was...
For a time.

I am one of
few remaining immune to a virus created to kill only humans.
Broken, cold-hearted I fight tooth and claw to survive, life in the wastes is harsh every day a battle.
Baby and I give no quarter to those who
cross us.
I just want to find and kill the guy who murdered my mother, and kill him... slowly.
destiny has other ideas for me.
Four men
claim I'm theirs, but am I too broken to be with them?
Fate decrees we
save the world together, but first we must discover who we really are.
My name is Kayla, and this is a story of how war never changes.
But humankind does.

***** Reviews for Blaze by USA Today bestselling author, Amelia K Oliver *****

'I'm coming to find that all of Amelia' s books have a twist on the norm'

'I think you changed my mind about these types of book.'

'The fact that Amelia K Oliver managed to get me to fall for a Zombie is a testament to her writing skill!'

The writing style is addictive and the story sucks you Into the world.

Shadows puppet

I wasn't crazy; I was just a little unwell. And who could blame me, when I was tortured at the hands of those who should have loved me the most? My mother told me that I was crazy, my father said I'd lost my mind. My school kicked me out, apparently, I wasn't fit to be part of their student body anymore. Honestly, I never thought I was crazy, until I was. And even then I wasn't convinced it was I who was the mad one.
The monsters that live in the shadows tell me things. Bad things. The question my parents should have been asking was... What did my shadow friends say to me? Well, soon enough, they found out. And then they couldn't hurt me anymore. They came to learn that the things in the shadows ain't got nothin' on me.
My name is Kaydence Clearwater, and this is a dark recollection of the last few weeks of my life as an abused girl. The events that lead up to the death of that girl and the rebirth of a woman. But take heed, little reader, this isn't pretty, and it won't be an easy ride. So bear that in mind when you scroll to the next page because it starts off bloody and just gets worse.
I'll see you on the flipside, if you can stomach my story, that is.

⚠️�� WARNING �� ⚠️
This story has MAJOR triggering material. It is DARK romance.
⛔ Self harm ⛔
⛔ Attempted suicide ⛔
⛔ Dark thoughts ⛔
⛔ Mentions of rape ⛔
(not detailed)
⛔ Abuse of a minor ⛔
⛔ Graphic horror scenes ⛔
Please do NOT read this if these are your triggers.

Love is love - LGBTQIA+

When Ella met Luke, she wasn't looking for love.
Pregnant, abused and alone, she was at an all time low.
She couldn't see a way through the darkness.

When Luke met Ella, he was finally in a place of peace.
But something was missing.
He wanted to be the light in the darkness.

Fate brought them together, but can love truly conquer all?

Can Ella handle the truth about Luke?
Can Luke love another mans baby?

Transgender/trans romance/short story/quick read.

A star in their eyes

Part of the 7 Days Of Romance Series

Working in the porn industry, Elliot, Brian and Heath have seen and done it all but it’s all professional.

Rachel, the new wardrobe girl, gets up close and personal with these sexy men as she fits their clothes. Secretly, she wants to gain the attention of these steamy men but her curves hold her back.

Out for a night of fun with her co-workers, Rachel boldly invites the three men back to her place. Will they embrace her curves? Will Rachel discover her power to please these men?

A short erotic story. Scenes of a sexual nature. For mature audiences only. Mmmf & mm action.

A woman like Tiffany

Big girl loving collection.

Everything hangs on this meeting. The future of Tiffany Gallagher's company, Dark-Nerd, rests on this moment. And he's late! Mr Drake Stein is London's most eligible bachelor and now, Tiffany must try and remain professional in order to convince Stein to hire her as his in house tech team.
But what's a girl to do when a gorgeous man asks to take her to dinner?

Can Tiffany keep it strictly business, or will she succumb to his considerable charms?

They say actions speak louder than words, but what happens when the words being spoken call to your body and soul?

Join Tiffany on a journey that will have you begging for more.

�� Intended for 18+ audiances. Mm, mmf action. Sexually explicit scenes.

This is a BBW short story. ��

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